Images Loading Wrong from XML

I’ve tried debugging this issue for days now and can’t seem to figure out what is going on. My plugin saves 2 images to an XML on shutdown, then loads them into Image objects when opening, but the issue is, both images save, but only one is called into both slots. I’m sure its coming down to my code (a lot is copied and pasted from the JUCE plugin demo), but I honesty am lost. I’ll post code shortly, but screenshots are required to show whats going on in the debugger:

In the images, you can see that both MemoryInputStreams (memoryInputOne and memoryInputTwo) have unique sizes of data in them. But after loading them into the Image objects, (imageOne and imageTwo), the dimensions of the image are the same (and I can verify its the exact same image because the same one is loaded into both slots of my app). Lastly, I included the XML file to show that the to64BaseEncoding() strings are definitely unique and not the same image.

I’m totally lost. I’ll post the code if this isn’t enough context to spot the issue.