Include custom Xcode xcconfig file

There seems no way yet to include custom Xcode configuration with a Projucer project. Since xcconfig files support #include, they are great for uniformly maintaining multiple projects with a shared configuration base (version numbers, build locations, codesign signatures, deployment targets, stripping options, you name it).

The field Custom Xcode flags doesn’t work for including a xcconfig file (unless I missed something). It would be fantastic if there was a field Include Xcode config file instead. This would allow for arbitrarily complex build environments to nicely cooperate with Projucer.

Any chance?


We’re currently working on all of the exporters at the moment, and we’ll look at adding this.

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Perhaps consider adding that feature in parallel with Windows using the Properties Sheet, which serve the same purpose for Visual Studio

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Wonderful, that’s great news

@t0m Was this ever implemented?

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