initializer_list constructors

Would need some #ifdef around it for old compilers, but would be nice to have: 

StringArray::StringArray (const std::initializer_list<const char *> & initialStrings)


and in Array:

    template <typename Type>
    void addArray(const std::initializer_list<Type> & items)
        const ScopedLockType lock (getLock());

        data.ensureAllocatedSize (numUsed + items.size());

        for (auto & i: items)
            new (data.elements + numUsed) ElementType (i);

Probably also with a matching constructor.

Yeah, I'll add this v. soon. Now that my private projects (i.e. Roli work, Tracktion, etc) are all C++11, it's functionality that I'd find useful myself too.

In case you haven't already done something similar in your private Juce branches, a nice thing can be done with C++11 variadic templates in ListenerList.h to remove the need for the ton of function overloads and use of macros :

    template <typename... As, typename... Bs, typename C>
    void call (void (C::*callbackFunction) (As...), Bs&&... args)
        callChecked (static_cast <const DummyBailOutChecker&> (DummyBailOutChecker()),
                     callbackFunction, std::forward<Bs>(args)...);
    template <class BailOutCheckerType, typename... As, typename... Bs, typename C>
    void callChecked (const BailOutCheckerType& bailOutChecker,
                      void (C::*callbackFunction) (As...), Bs&&... args)
        for (Iterator<BailOutCheckerType, ThisType> iter (*this); (bailOutChecker);)
            (iter.getListener()->*callbackFunction) (std::forward<Bs>(args)...);

I am using this in my current code and I have tested the Juce demo builds and runs when using this.