Input config error, windows visual studio

hi everyone,
all of a sudden every project started throwing an error regarding the input config. this happens with any of the examples and even blank/unedited plugin templates. i’m using a focusrite scarlett 6i6, but this happens regardless of what output/drivers i use. i’ve checked that they’re all up to date and that my windows 10, projucer, and VS 2019 are up to date. this just randomly happened between one build and the next in one sitting. i’ve reinstalled VS2019, and the projucer. still getting the same thing.

it throws an error on each of these, and then i only hear audio through the left channel.
any help would be really appreciated, thanks guys!


    // failed to find a compatible input configuration
jassert (success);

if (getTotalNumOutputChannels() != newNumOuts)
    success &= setChannelLayoutOfBus (false, 0, AudioChannelSet::canonicalChannelSet (newNumOuts));

// failed to find a compatible output configuration
jassert (success);

// if the user is using this method then they do not want any side-buses or aux outputs
success &= disableNonMainBuses();
jassert (success);

// the processor may not support this arrangement at all
jassert (success && newNumIns == getTotalNumInputChannels() && newNumOuts == getTotalNumOutputChannels());

setRateAndBufferSizeDetails (newSampleRate, newBlockSize);

well i feel a bit dumb. it looks like i’m getting the right channel if i switch inputs. and if i test out the VST3 in reaper it works normally. i’m not sure why i’m getting those errors though, as i haven’t ever gotten those before.