Installers hosting advice

Hi, not sure it’s a question for this channel. I’m looking for advice on which web hosting service to use for hosting my plugin installers. I’m currently using Firebase Storage, and I’m constantly getting user complains about corrupted downloaded files, or incomplete downloads. It’s hard to reproduce the problem and it definitely doesn’t happen to all my customers, I’d say maybe 10% of my user base. Any recommandations? I have installer file sizes ranging from 16MB to 1GB.

Thank you!

I can recommend setting up an S3 bucket with a CloudFront CDN on AWS. At the time I largely followed this post when I set it up:

Very fast downloads and very cheap, never had reliability problems with that. It takes a bit of fiddling though to put together all the bits and pieces and understand what everything is doing.

Note that parts of the above tutorial may be slightly outdated, and what’s missing there (I think) is how to set up a subdomain that points to your new CDN thingy so you get pretty download URLs (like instead of a CloudFront URL. I don’t remember how I figured it out, it’s a bit tricky as you also need to create an SSL certificate so downloads run through HTTPS. But with a bit of googling entirely doable for a webdev analphabet like me (at the time, it’s gotten better).

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