Integrated Introjucer/Jucer Q's

Late to the party building Introjucer with a recent version but I couldn't find these questionsasked elsewhere...


1. Is the "Test Component" feature that was in the standalone Jucer gone?

2. Image Buttons don't show up in my projects in the GUI editor. Background graphics and other images show up fine, just not Image Buttons. The component still compiles fine and everything displays at runtime, just not in the GUI Editpr of Introjucer. Tips?

No - it's still there on cmd-T, but I do seem to have forgotten to add it to the menu! Thanks, will add that.

Image buttons seem to work perfectly well for me though (?)

Ah I see, yes, cmd-T, and ctrl-T on Windows, work if I just believe:) Thanks!

Re image buttons, in my last Jucer version, v1.12 with Juce v2.027, my image buttons appear in the Jucer editor window with their images displayed, both in the Subcomponents tab and overlayed in the Graphics tab.

In my fresh build of Introjucer, I only get the highlite outline of the button if I select it and the property editor pane to the right but I don't see the image. If I cmd-T, the image buttons do display in the Component Test window.

Sorry, that's not what I'm seeing. Maybe send me a test file I can open that demonstrates the problem?

Example component sent via PM as requested.

Interestingly, if I cmd-X then immediately cmd-Z one of the buttons, it shows up, but then if I switch to another code file in the project and back to the GUI component again, the button goes back to being invisible.

This might be something that happens when jumping versions by a large amount? I've been working with module versions 2.0.27 and jumped straight to 2.1.5. Another possibility is that because I only just switched to a freshly compiled new Introjucer and have been laying out my GUI components in an older Jucer v1.12 - I assume the integration of The Jucer happened a while back - the GUI meta-data in my component has leap-frogged some format change?

Thanks - the image resource thing should be sorted out now.

Works - thanks!