InterProcessConnection and NamedPipe

I’m trying to communicate between different plugins and I’m not sure if I’m using NamedPips correctly.

I have a two different plugins, let’s call them master and slave.
There’s only one instance of the master plugin, but several instances of the slave plugin.

The slave holds a SharedResourcePointer to keep all the slaves in sync.
I SharedResourcePointer inherits from InterPluginComm, so I just need a simple two way communication:

class InterPluginComm : InterprocessConnection
    auto created = createPipe ("Communication", 500, true);
    auto connected = connectToPipe ("Communication", 500);

Problem A: The created is true but connected is always be false.

In the master the pluginprocessor inherits from InterPluginComm.

Problem B: Even if the slave did already create the pipe the master will create it again.

Any ideas?