I’m trying to make an application that can act as a server, coordinating communication between several different clients. I know that for the clients to initiate contact, they create InterprocessConnections of the socket variety, and connect with the right host and port info. I also know that the server needs to have a class inherited from InterprocessConnectionServer waiting to recieve these messages. My problem is that I don’t really understand how to write the createConnectionObject function. I understand that it should create an InterprocessConnection for this particular dialogue, and return a pointer to it, however I don’t know where to find the information on who it was that sent the connection request. It seems like I should need a port number/host etc, so that the InterprocessConnection I return a pointer to can actually communicate back…

Does anyone have a tutorial or example on this?

Thanks in advance.

Basically you just need to make createConnectionObject return your own subclass of InterprocessConnection, which must implement the methods that handle the data when it arrives. Is that what you were asking?

Ya, this makes sense, I overlooked a few things that make it more clear.