Introducing our latest JUCE team member

Just wanted to give a quick introduction to Timur Doumler, who's started here at ROLI this week!

His username's "timur" - I'm sure everyone will make him very welcome!

Hi all,

Thanks Jules for the introduction! I am so excited to now be a part of the JUCE team. I'm very much looking forward to meet (and work with) all of you and to do my best to help everybody with JUCE features, bugfixes, and forum comments! :-)

Welcome Timur, great to see the JUCE team expanding with more talented enthusiastic people :)

Hello Timor! 

Nice to see that JUCE is no longer a one man show, although jules has done a great job so far!

Yes without wanting to detract from Jules’ achievements and responsiveness in any way, it is exciting to see Fabian and Timur join the JUCE team at ROLI. Welcome to the forum Timur!

Welcome Timur,

I wish you a lot of fun with JUCE! Besides Jules and Fabian their are many great and bright people in this forum, enjoy.

Hear! Hear!