Top forum contributor joins the ROLI team

We’re excited to welcome @daniel to the ROLI team! Daniel has been one of the top contributor to this forum over the past few years, and we’re delighted to be working alongside him now in our London office. Although not primarily working in the JUCE team, Daniel will no doubt continue to be an active contributor here.


Thanks @jb1 for the welcome!

Having had already good communications with the team in the past via the forum, it is definitively exciting to work now desk to desk. Even though in terms of team structure nothing changes, I am still a “normal” juce user :wink:

Looking forward to create groovy stuff here at Roli!




Congratz! one of the most helpful people in the forum, he helped me with my Noobness so many times, so happy of this!

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Congratulations! …always helpful to all. This is a win for everybody.

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Very cool :slight_smile:

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congrats Daniel!

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Thank you all, that is really lovely!
You make it fun to spend time with you all here on the forum!

To the future!


Awesome. Congrats.

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What took me so long to see this!?!
Daniel is definitely at the right place!!

I remember meeting him at ADC, I was like: Are you “THE DANIEL”?
hahahaha… great times, looking forward to see you again this year!



Cheers, yes was good times and will be again, looking forward to see you again :slight_smile: