Introducing Pro, Indie and Admin badges

Hi everyone,

In order to make the forum easier to navigate, we’re launching a new feature that identifies Admin, Pro and Indie customers. If you have a Pro or Indie license, a badge similar to mine will appear on your avatar.

To activate your badge, please log out and log back in again.

Thank you


uhm, isn’t that inadvertently disclosing possibly unintended personal details?


The anonymity of users is preserved. If you are not revealing anything about yourself (and you can set your profile to hide your e-mail address, name, etc), the fact that an avatar says what kind of license one has isn’t disclosing something that can trace back to personal information.

That being said, anyone who has concerns is welcome to tell us and we’ll make sure that the badge doesn’t appear.

Ah yes, good point, thanks!

Wooo, fourth class citizen over here :stuck_out_tongue:


ah we don’t have a badge for that :smirk:

Do you guys see my Indie badge? :slight_smile:

absolutely :slight_smile:

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Darn it. Now I will have a buy a license! :joy:

Not sure how this makes it easier to navigate… Looks nice, though. :slight_smile:

it’s easier for users to know who the admins are, and we also want to experiment with support for the licensed customers, so it’s easier to see who’s who that way.

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experiment with support for the licensed customers

Can you explain it a little more precisely?

not sure if my license is connected to my forum account…

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we look for the e-mail address that the license is registered to. If different from the forum e-mail, the badge won’t show.