Please ditch or let me disable these "earned" notifications on the forum

The Juce forum notifies me about these “earned” this and that. The forum also shows them in the list of activity. I feel like i’ve “earned” something everytime i post something. I really couldn’t care less about this nonsense. This is silly stuff for children, while i’m here trying to take care of professional matters. Please stop or let me opt out from this earning shit.

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I don’t know if it hides all the noise for you, but “Skip new user onboarding tips and badges” sounds like it could help in your case…


Awesome! Didn’t find this setting. Hope it does the trick. Huge thanks @daniel !

I like the badges - they’re a nice little touch that encourages me to engage more in the forum for that tiny dopamine hit when I get a new badge!

Guess I’m just a child at heart :person_shrugging:


Nothing wrong with that :slight_smile: i remember seeing you around. Thanks for your engagement! To me it’s just noise and my goodness we have enough of that as it is. :wink: