Introjucer architectures

It would be useful to have a setting in the Introjucer for iOS architectures. The armv6 code will be relatively slow on 4G devices (and iPad etc).

Also setting “Universal Binary (32-bit)” for the “OSX Acrhitecture” setting generates a project with “32-bit Intel” settings? Am I missing something?

I’d throw in 32/64 bit targets for windows and linux

+1 for 32/64 bit targets.

Also, would it be possible to give a default exporter configuration? I normally only need VS2008 and OSX and therefore remove the other exporters (and the created directories in build/). I assume using all possible exportes is rather an exception.


Yes, I hit this myself the other day, and must do something. (It needs setting on linux too, of course).

As for the exporters, I’ve been meaning to add a set of tickboxes to choose which ones you want when you create a new project, just haven’t gotten around to it…