Introjucer: Can't drop into a group

When dragging and dropping items from the treeview, it is not possible to drop an item into a group.

It should be possible to drop the items into the group, they should be added as children of the group in sorted order.

Can you explain a little more? All the dragging and dropping into/out of/between groups work fine for me on OSX even multiple files & groups work as expected.

You can drag to insert something in between two items of a group but you can’t drop onto the group itself (it will just insert the items as the first items in the group).

Compare this with dropping items in visual studio, into a group - the results are sorted alphabetically.

I see what you mean but I’m not sure this is much of an issue, I like to have control over where how the files are ordered (loosely based on component hierarchy etc). If you have a custom ordered group and drop some files into it does the Introjucer just assume the list is sorted and insert them into the first ‘correct’ space and ignore the second, unsorted part?

I assume this feature is modled on Xcode as it behaves the same way as the Introjucer and the insertion graphics look similar. Perhaps this seems unintuitive to you as you are used to Visual Studio where as a regular Xcode user would probably expect the current behaviour of forcing the user to choose an insertion point.

I agree, having the feature to control the order of subitems is handy.

But so is being able to sort them alphabetically. This could be resolved if there was a “sort” option in the context menu when clicking on a group.

Sorting is a much better choice for a large group…it makes it easier to find things.

Agreed, you could just add the files anywhere in the group and then click the ‘Sort Files Alphabetically’ option on the contextual menu.

Oh! Now that’s handy…