Introjucer free VST ManufactorCode definition, problem and

In a older juce release, the manufacturerCode was used by mistake, as the JucePlugin_VSTUniqueID. (If i remember correctly)
So after this was corrected i had to hack the old PluginCharacteristics file like this
#define JucePlugin_VSTUniqueID JucePlugin_ManufacturerCode, to be sure that my plugin still has the same ID and is compatible.

Now with the new Introjucer i tried to simulate this behavior by hacking the wrong/right manufacturerCode into the Global preProcessor-Definitions in Intojucer.
But it seems that is not possible hacking this ‘char’ definitions into the preprocessor commandline, and i tried many different escape sequences.
Some of those also breaking XCode-Project parsing.

JucePlugin_VSTUniqueID=’“MANU”’ etc…

I would be VERY NICE, if there is a multiline Text-editor in introjucer, to add text to AppConfig.h over the other content of AppConfig.h.

BTW: solved - there is a (int) cast on the chars, so i use the number JucePlugin_VSTUniqueID=456413216874651