VST Plugin can't find "JucePluginCharacterics.h"

Hi !

First : I’ve been trying the Jucer (experimental) for building VST plugins and I am stunned : this works extremely good : I’m still surprised how easy and quick it was to setup everything ready and start implementing my plugin’s details.
Thank you very much : you changed my life!

Yet, I am running in a very little trouble (but I thought it’d be worth mentioning) with the Jucer experimental. When first compiling the generated vcproj (btw : I am using VS 08) it complains that it can’t find “JucePluginCharacteristics.h” (line 37 of “…\juce\extras\audio plugins\wrapper\juce_includecharacteristics.h”)

Not that hard to work around, though : just editing the project setting “additional include paths”, it reaches to replace


for all configurations.

I wonder if it is the right way to do it. Is it possible to do it via the experimental jucer directly? or is it maybe a bug in the experimental jucer? I am hardly complaining, but as you are one step away from perfection, I thought I’d point out this very step.

Thanks again for the awesome job…



PS : using juce release from a week ago or so - so latest release, I guess.
VisualStudio 2008, VST 2.4 (I guess that’s all you need to know)

Glad you’re enjoying it! I’m pretty sure I spotted this last week and fixed it - could you try the very latest version and let me know if it’s still the same? Thanks!

Hi again!

I’ve just got the GIT tip : it is fixed, indeed… Thank you, now my life is perfect ! =P

Cheers !