IntroJucer GUI Editor

I'm a little confused about how generated classes from the IntroJucer GUI editor are suypposed to be integrated into my plugin. I noticed that the editor class in the demo plugin is not editable by the GUI editor. When creating my own plugin, I had my audio processor editor class instantiate a member variable of a class created by the GUI editor, but then it pretty much does nothing else but to serve as a container. This seems to me to be a bit of a waste. Why doesn't the GUI editor insert its code directly into the AudioProcessorEditor-derived class?

There's very little overhead in embedding one component iside another, and it's usually better to use more components to break your UI into sections rather than trying to cram all your functionality into one big class.

But having said that, the GUI component designer does let you set a base class from which the class is derived, so you could make it an AudioProcessorEditor.

Ok, I wasn't aware you could do that. Thanks.