Introjucer Issues / and wishes

(this is just a reminder for me)


or alternatively:

  • a possibility to enter a xml structure directly in to the project-exporter tab that automatically will be merged with the jucer-generated project files (so we don’t have to and thousands of individual project settings only needed by a few users, only enter the additional xml content


  • additional include Directories

<Tool Name="VCCLCompilerTool" Optimization="0" AdditionalIncludeDirectories="


Additional includes are already supported - “header search paths” setting in the debug/release configs.

ok - thanks!

EDIT - removed - look other thread

  • “Optimise for maximum Speed” in Introjucer it is “Full Optimization (/Ox)” in MSVC, but i think it should should be “Maximize Speed (/O2)”


  • Specify a command line in the Project Exporter which is the executable for the Debugger, essential for Plugin-Projects

(I’ve already updated the /O settings in MSVC)