Introjucer look and feel "work around"


A newbie q!

I´ve just started to play around with Juce and my intention is to build a midi controller for my instruments.
However I ran into some questions regarding the Introjucer and the automatic code generation. Is it possible to get the Introjucer to show components using my own look and feel class?

If not...

I tried using the paint method temporarily to get the Introjucer to show me the right look and feel of my component in the introjucer and it works fine. But then I would want to exclude the paint method in the Visual C++ code with some kind of if def since my look and feel class handles the look and feel runtime. I tried this but when switching back to the Introjucer it removes my if def (as expected). Is there a way around this?

I simply want to be able to get a better hint of the complete end result of my GUI design in the Introjucer.

Hope my description above makes sense :-/


Struggling to understand what you're trying to explain, TBH.

The introjucer can't dynamically load any code that you've written, e.g. look+feel code, so if you really need to have it running in the gui editor, then you'd need to hack it into the introjucer's own codebase while you're running it.

(I've discussed elsewhere some ideas I'd like to implement soon that will make it possible to do the kind of integrated wysiwyg editing that I think you're asking for, but haven't had time to do them yet)