JIT and LookAndFeel

I’m new to using the (licensed) Projucer in OSX and I was trying to see what can be done with JIT today. Basically I’d be happy if I could use it to see immediately the LookAndFeel of a plugin but I must be doing something stupid because it’s not working for me. Everything seems to compile without errors but when I press on the green play buttons next to the component names nothing happens. Anybody can guess what I’m doing wrong?

PS. As a side note, is there anybody selling or sharing neat LookAndFeel buttons, waveforms, toggles and sliders out there?


Are you trying to JIT compile your AudioProcessorEditor class with different look and feels or doing this for individual components ?

Keep in mind that your component classes (including your AudioProcessorEditor) need to be default construct-able for the JIT process to work with them.

So you cannot for example compile AudioProcessorEditor(AudioProcessor& myProcessor) in the Projucer live coding engine.

The same goes for any Component classes which do not have default constructors. i.e.

MyComponentClass::MyComponentClass(); OK

MyComponentClass::MyComponentClass(Widget& w); NOT OK

Checkout the Projucer demo projects from the JUCE summit (specifically AudioDemo) on Josh’s github profile.

Edit: Not referring to myself in the 3rd person here. I mean Josh Gerrard who actually works at ROLI!


@Jules on instantiating individual components in the Projucer w/ LookAndFeel:

See the following threads on the topic:

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I would really love to see an official demo of the most elegant solution to this problem.