Custom LookAndFeel and UI Components in Jucer

Hi all,

Just started using Jucer tonight. Very nice. The wife likes it as well (and has an eye for graphic design, unlike myself).

I have a few newbie questions:

  • How do you specify your own custom LookAndFeel? I want to change some of the default slider appearances, and I don’t see where to select a LookAndFeel besides the Default and OldSchool. Is there a place where I should put my LookAndFeel files that the Jucer will look for them, or can I specify a file path, or…?

  • I may need to design new Components for my GUI. How do I have these included in the Jucer? And, how do I specify the properties of this new component?


Sean Costello

The jucer is pretty rough-and-ready when it comes to adding your own classes to it, as it’ll involve hacking them into the codebase. It’d be pretty easy to add a look and feel, but adding a component type would involve writing handler classes to manage the editing of it, which is a bit… undocumented!

OK, I figured out how to get my own look-and-feel class implemented. Components will follow at a later date.

A few new questions:

  1. Are the following adjustable in the Jucer via some slider or such, or do they need to be adjusted via a new LookAndFeel?
  • Slider text box font
  • Slider text box font color
  1. If the answer to the above is “LookAndFeel,” then is it possible to select different LookAndFeels for each slider/subcomponent, or is there only a single LookAndFeel for the whole component in Jucer?

  2. For the color selections in the Jucer, is it possible to type or paste hex values directly into the text boxes, or does everything need to be entered via the sliders? It would be nice to grab a color value from a picture/drawing/whatever, and just paste it in there.


Sean Costello

Yes, I think those are probably l+f changes you’d need to make. And no, the jucer’s very simple with its handling of l+f, it only has one for the whole component. Of course it’s pretty simple in your own code to set different l+fs wherever you need them.

I’ve been meaning to add something to allow you to type those colours in, just haven’t got around to it…