Inerest in some design tips

Greetings, Jules!

Thanks for your hard work!
Now I do one of the new projects. I have interests for creation my own components, or also updatings your standart existing . Are necessary own sliders, knobs, buttons, combo, with my own visual design (interface with images, not only standart knobs.).
It’s really from Jucer? Or another tools.

Kind Regards,

Thanks, but sorry, not sure I understand what you’re asking there! Obviously whether you write custom components or use the jucer will depend on exactly what you’re trying to do.

For example, I wish to make slider with design, not bubble style.
At me is png with the slider button and png with slider background on which there goes the button.

For this purpose i should rebuild Jucer independently?

Sorry, i have a little got confused. Now I search for the approach.

I need to change components visual style through VC2005 or it can be made with JUCER?


Have a look at the LookAndFeel class…

Oh my god.) Yes
Thanks, Jules!

Thanks Jules, almost worked without photoshop pictures:))blur inside:)

Jules, Listen, there have already been developments for radio group (i now it named as toggle buttons)?
I would like to switch boxes in radio group via separate image button.

I can do it myself, I think no problem, the consistent switching. but if this is done, certainly your best option.

Cheers, Alex