I'd need some help with The Jucer ... too :)

Hi there,
I just would like to know if I can use The Jucer to make a basic panel with correctly placed buttons, knobs etc.

I mean, is the juce purpose to produce that ?

What should I do (where should I put) the code in .cpp & .h ?
Maybe this is the best way to prepare a code to override the LookAndFeel class :slight_smile:

Last but not least important question — how to fill the different tabs ?
I mean, can we name as we want the class ?
What are the member initialisers ?
What Extra callback methods to choose ?

I can figure out the global purpose but I need to dive more in details.

Subcomponents & Graphics fits to the same panel (which is more a COMPONENT than a panel btw) … right?
In Subcomponents, I put all the “dynamic” stuff, and in Graphics the static one, right?

Ressources tabs …?
I guess we can include other stuff.
But in my case the binarybuilding/grabbing would be better.

Let’s take a basic example.
I designed a very basic dsp code to alter the sound.
It would sit in a nice FX plugin.
I’d need a basic GUI.
Can I use The Jucer if I want to:

  • use totally customized elements (knobs etc) ?
  • include some png converted in binary C Array but included stacked image from knobman ?

ANY infos, guide would be amazing.