Which of the projects in JUCE Examples work in PROJUCER with the JIT engine?

I want to try out the JIT live compile stuff - with view to setting up and creating window GUI’s.

Which of the example projects will ( or should ) work using the JIT engine and do live compiles etc ?

Try JuceDemo in examples/Demo.

What about any other example projects ?

I’m not sure what you exactly mean with “works”. The Projucer will allow you to live-preview certain components contained in JUCE projects. Not all of the JUCE projects will have useful components to preview (because they have no default initialiser or have zero size by default). In fact, many might even crash when trying to preview certain components as they may rely on some global/static variables to be initialised - i.e. they were not intended to be instantiated on it’s own without any other app code running.

You may be approaching this the wrong way: the intention of the Projucer is to help you design GUI components quickly. You need to design your component in a way that makes it possible to be instantiated by the Projucer if you wish to prototype them.

The JUCE_PROJUCER_LIVE_BUILD pre-processor macro is really useful for this. You can use it, for example, to add fake data to a list box etc. Have a look at Vlad’s excellent talk on this subject:

yes much as I suspected. I’ve indeed watched that video.