Introjucer - New Project: Intuitive Exporter Adding

Hi Jules,

Instead of adding the default VS2010 exporter in the Introjucer on Windows when creating a new project, would it be possible to intuitively add the exporters as per the installed versions of VS?

I’m sure there is a place to check in the registry to see which are installed…

Hmmm… good idea, but a selection of the preferred dev tool is a better option for me. I have VS2005->2012 on my computer but my usual version is 2008.

Remembering the last exporter used might be a good solution.

And if several exporters are added to a project, giving a choice on “open in visual studio” would be great :slight_smile:

True, say! A default saying “I have and use this IDE all the time - add that exporter when I create a project” would definitely make more sense.

Although it could be kinda cool to have an additional “add all exporters that correspond to what you can find on my system” type of thing (could be good for testing an app against other compilers I guess?).