Introjucer not launching when click "Open in Visual Studio"


As the subject line says.

I am running MSVS 2005 pro on Win 7 64.
I had used this feature once to test but then I was just building by including .cpp and .h as I needed and not using the Introjucer directly.

Won’t change things for me much really except that I had wanted to launch for XCode soon to make life easier.

Is there a known reason this happens that someone else has run into?

thanks in advance

I had a similar problem, i messed up file associations, my VS wasn’t the default application for vcxproj files (though the icon in the explorer looked like it) i fixed that and the Introjucer started working again.

Also if that doesn’t work, try building your own version of the Introjucer from the latest Juce source. That seemed to do the job for me.

Thanks both.

Places to start.

Association might be with C::B now…if no success there I’ll do a rebuild.