Introjucer build solution for VS2013 express is incompatible

Hello, i'm new to Juce and i wanted to build the introjucer with VS2013 express but i got the message that the introjucer is not compatible with this version of Visual Studio, do i need a full version of VS to build the introjucer, or do i need to install any other additional things for VS?

I changed to a new computer with windows 8.1 and downloaded the latest versions of VS and Juce.


No, it's definitely compatible and you don't need a pro version.. Can't think of anything else you'd need or why it wouldn't work. Try opening it directly in VS2013 rather than clicking on the project to launch it - sometimes the VS launch tool gets confused and fails to open the right version of VS.

oh my fault, i think i was installing the wrong version (express for windows), i deinstalled it and installed the desktop version and now it is working, its a bit confusing with all this different VS versions.. thank you for your fast reply.