iOS 6 and retina

Hmm … I just updated to iOS 6 (on an iPad 3) and notice that the openGL renderer no longer handles the zoom factor properly.

As long as I don’t use the openGL renderer, everything sizes properly.

Using the openGL renderer, everything is 2x as large as it should be on the pad.

I checked the jucedemo to see if the problem was there as well - yup. Clicking on the openGL demo works fine (but everything is waaaaay to big).

Yeah, I’ve not checked that yet on iOS…

Any word?

I’ll keep up to date and post here when I see it resolve.

Any movement on this? It sure would be cool to start using openGL on iOS again - the Apps are blazing fast with openGL (vs. kinda klunky without).

I’m in the process of evaluating JUCE for a commercial product and have run into this too (latest tip). Would be nice to get this fixed (I suspect it’s a divide-by-two one-liner somewhere?). Steps to reproduce:

  • Build Juce Demo for iOS
  • Run on an iPhone with retina display using iOS 6 (I suspect other models also exhibit the problem)
  • Select ‘Use OpenGL Renderer’
  • Everything is rendered ‘twice size’ (aside from the drop down menus, which still look OK)

If it helps, the last version I evaluated (module versions were 2.0.27) exhibited a bug in a similar area where the OpenGL renderer drew everything at the correct size but with what looked like a 2x blur.

Also slightly related, if the OpenGL renderer is used on iOS then the webview appears black.

Yeah, sorry - a couple of people have mentioned this, and it’s easy to do, I just need to get a chance to put my iOS hat on and look at it…

FYI, I’ve checked in a one-liner that hopefully fixes this now. Feedback appreciated, as I’ve only tried it in the simulator.

Looking good here, thanks!

Cheers, that’s fixed it.

However, the position of mouse events now seems to be off (not sure whether that was the case before the fix, but probably not): so when I touch the screen at, say, (500,500), I get a mouse event at (250,250)…

Hmm… That must have been working correctly in the simulator when I tested it… Could it be different in a real device?

EDIT: forget it, my bad. Everything’s ok.

No… I just tried it again, and the demo’s all working nicely. If the coords were wrong, I wouldn’t be able to click on anything.

Not sure why you’d be seeing something different to me (?)

I don’t anymore… sorry the previous post wasn’t 100 % clear about this. My project was already created in October, and the scaling of the graphics context that you introduced in November wasn’t yet implemented. Again, sorry for the hassle!

You’re the man Jules, thanks!

Sorry guys, a bit late here, i already had that fixed in my local copy.

I’ve been meaning to send it in, but i havent yet tried it out on a real retina device - allthough it seems to work in the simulator.

is anyone interested in starting up a little test group for JUCE iOS apps. I can test on an ipad mini, but i dont have a ipad3/4. Has anyone else looked into I’ve been hoping to distribute betas over the air with it.

comments welcome,
– hugh.