OpenGL: Problems with scaling in high dpi displays


In our application we found problems with OpenGL in high DPI and Retina displaysThe scaling doesn’t works, it should be a Juce bug, because the code is working well until HD Displays (max. 1920 x 1080). Furthermore (f.e. we tested it on a display 4096 × 2304) the elements drawn with OpenGL are not placed at the right position, they are not right scaled. The same problem appears in OSX, Windows and Linux. I found some posts about patches in the developer branch, I don’t know exactly if there is a solution for this problem now or what patch should I apply.
This is an example of this problem:


Can you reproduce this with any of the JUCE examples? I can’t see any issues with any of the OpenGL demos or the DemoRunner using the OpenGL renderer setting on a 2560x1440 display on macOS.