iOS App archiving as Generic XCode Archive


XCode 6.3.1. Latest JUCE build.

I've finished developing my app. It's been building and running on an iPad without a problem for months. Now that it's time to upload to the App Store, in XCode I go up into the Product menu and select Archive. The app archives but instead of archiving as an iOS App, it archives as a Generic XCode Archive, which cannot be submitted to the App Store.

I'm posting this here, because after snooping around a bit, I've learned that this can sometimes be caused by libraries and frameworks associated with the project. I'm curious if any of you JUCERs have ever encountered this issue?


So I tested it with the Juce Demo. That archived correctly as an iOS App with an available Submit To Store button. So it ain't JUCE. Nevermind. :)


For anyone else that ever experiences this - I had a Copy Files build phase that was copying a group of files between folders on my Mac, before moving onto the rest of the build phases. I removed this, and now XCode correctly archives it as an iOS App.