iOS Burger Menu Doesn't Update when ApplicationCommandManager::commandStatusChanged() is Called

We’re using the BurgerMenuComponent class in our iOS app… When ApplicationCommandManager::commandStatusChanged() is called, the menu items in our burger menu should update and enable/disable themselves depending on the current state of the app, but this doesn’t happen. As far as I can tell, this is what is happening:

the MenuBarModel::handleAsyncUpdate() virtual function gets called (in juce_MenuBarModel.cpp) and listeners are called…

BurgerMenuComponent::menuBarItemsChanged() is called (in juce_BurgerMenuComponent.cpp), which calls setModel()

BurgerMenuComponent::setModel() is called (in juce_BurgerMenuComponent.cpp). Since the newModel argument passed in is the same as the current model, nothing happens.

so right now I’ve removed the line ‘if (newModel != model)’ from BurgerMenuComponent::setModel() and that seems to have fixed it (the burger menu updates and the menu items are properly enabled/disabled). Is there a better fix for this or am I misunderstanding how to use commandStatusChanged()?

Does anyone else have this issue? I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if this is a juce bug… Basically the items in the iOS burger menu component don’t update in our app (they should enable/disable depending on changes in the app). I’m calling commandStatusChanged(). Up until now I’ve gotten around the issue with the little kludge I mentioned above.