iOS Code signing error after last juce update

Hi all,

I have a strange problem since my last JUCE update today (v5.4.5). When I want to build one of my ios project which was working last week, I now have the following error before compilation in xcode 11.0 :

Warning : "MyAppName - App" isn't code signed but requires entitlements. It is not possible to add entitlements to a binary without signing it. 
Error : Code signing is required for product type 'Application' in SDK 'iOS 13.0'

The problem is that it was working fine last week (with the ios 13.0 sdk). The only thing that have changed is juce/projucer but I can’t find what’s wrong now. I use a free developper account but it was working fine for just building my app and put it on my ipad. I usqe “automatic signing” in xcode with my “personal team”…
Everything works fine when building the MacOs version of this app.

It’s clearly not a JUCE code problem…

I have the same issue if I want to buld the JUCE demorunner for ios… (which was working fine before)

Does anybody have the same issue ? I’ve found different answer on the net for this issue with previous version of ios sdk/xcode… often the problem was a problem with xcode. But non of the solutions was working…

You have to run Keychain application on your Mac, go to Certificates, find your iPhone developer ID, copy it and paste into Development Team ID field in Projucer. Save project, go back to XCode, select appropriate Development Team and it should go. At least I got it working this way.

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Thanks for the tip… It seems that xcode had a problem with my current signing certificate and even if I was removing my account and entering it again in xcode, it was not working. in the "signing certificate " field, “non” was written (whereas last eek it was working).

I used your tip but I guess I have not found the right ID to paste in projucer. In keychen I have an apple development vettificate with a "code ) in the name (in parenthesis). If I double click on it I have an info window with au user ID. If I paste it in projucer than open project with xcode, xcode says “unknown name (xxxxx)”. I have the chosen my “personal team” and fortunately this time Xcode create a new signing certificate and all was working.

Looks like even if I did not pas the right developper ID in projucer it has forced xcode to recreate my signing certificate… And it’s all working again !

Looks like XCode has difficulties outputing meaningful error message in case of problem with signing certificates…

Thanks !

I now it’s an old post but it’s a problem that still can happen. I just recently had the same problem with the latest update of JUCE. There was an older build of the plugin in the source folder, deleting this solved the problem.
Just incase someone else is having a similar error at some point.