How to fix code signing error in xcode 11?

I keep getting this error. I tried everything.

Code Signing Warning: “OSCSender - App” isn’t code signed but requires entitlements. It is not possible to add entitlements to a binary without signing it. Code Signing Error: Code signing is required for product type ‘Application’ in SDK ‘iOS 13.2’

Code signing is required for product type ‘Application’ in SDK ‘iOS 10.0’ - StickerPackExtension requires a development team error An empty identity is not valid when signing a binary for the product type ‘Application’ in xcode version 10.2

I also tried to switch from the new build system to legacy. I have turn on/off automatic signing. I deleted all provisioning profiles, certificates and my account from xcode. still same problem!

I tried to turn off code signing from the .plist but it doesn’t let me, even when I run as admin.

I am running Catalina 10.15.2 and latest Xcode Version 11.3

Please help !!


So after bunch of trial/errors, the way I made it work is to delete all certifications from my keychain access. Then create a new identifier, provisioning profile and certificate. The only workaround that worked for me is basically manually signing the app. for some reason automatic signing didn’t work for me.

Oh god, I’ve spend numerous hours on this now. Even the manual signing doesn’t work for me in all possible combinations. I think something might be wrong with the xcode project that JUCE generates.

Hm, I am having the same issue. Looks “Automatically manage signing” does not work indeed for projects created with JUCE

Ah, here is the answer:

You have to fill in your Dev Team ID in JUCE upfront, then it’s working


For me, typing the team id into Producer didn’t work… I get a red “Unknown Name (…)” in the Signing -> Team box.

However, if I then select the correct name from the dropdown, everything suddenly works.

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So, this is how I have my Provisioning Profile and Code Signing Identity setup in projucer, so it works:

Under the Debug/Release tab in the Projucer iOS exporter go to Custom XCode flags and enter your Provisioning Profile like so:


Then under Code-Signing Identity enter the actual name of your certificate, ending with the TeamID in brackets, e.g.:

iPhone Distribution: Certificatename (TEAM_ID)

This makes XCode find the right Profile and certificate automatically
Also make sure that the TeamID field in Projucer is EMPTY! Otherwise this will not work.