Compiling first AUv3 example for iOS - Certificate signing Problem

Hello y’all!
this is my first time working for iOS, I am used to compile AU/VST, the codesigning is new to me.
I am trying to compile the AUv3 example and send it to my ipad.
I have bought an apple dev license, have set up certificates, have created an app id,
registered my ipad device, created a provisioning profile.
The bundle identifier here shown on the pic fits the provisioning profile Synth1.
Also in that profile are refs to me as a developer etc.
Now as soon as I choose this provisoning profile, there is no chance of choosing a certificate…
Compiling ends in error:
Code signing is required for product type ‘App Extension’ in SDK 'iOS 13.6’

I assume it is something very obvious and simple, but I just can’t figure it out.
XCode 11.6, Juce 6.01

  1. this error happens when you set the app id in XCode, instead of in Projucer upfront.
    So I’ve set the"Bundle Identifier" to “nl.pauldriessen.synth1” in Projucer, signing certificate now works.

  2. Secondly, inside the Projucer. inside the iOS exporter, inside debug and release, you need to set the Code_Signing Identity to “iPhone Developer”
    This can also be set in Xcode Build Settings / Code_Signing Identity (it’s called iOS Developer there…), but Projucer does not set this unless you manually specify this. Could be a nice thing to update for JUCE:

I’ll just update the steps here, because someone might search and find this usefull.