iOS midi support

Hi !

Have you seen this ?

I was wondering if juce suppports this (or will support it).

The goal is just to have an application running on iPhone/iPad which sends midi messages to an application on a desktop computer, thourgh Wifi or USB (camera connection kit)

I haven’t really looked at the latest stuff that they’ve added to iOS recently, but yes, if it has midi, that’s certainly something I’ll support.

I got some sample code form here:

And re-implemented it as a singleton (which seemed more appropriate) in my audio library here:

You can connect to the simulator or device via the Audio MIDI app using networked MIDI. Very useful…

Nice JUCE tutorial on your wiki Martin!

It’s just the haydxn one from juced:

But modified to reflect some changes to the way SliderListeners work since haydxn wrote it.

Well my compliments to Haydxn!