USB MIDI on iOS App - USB to Lightning adapter

Has anyone figured out how to get JUCE to recognize a MIDI device from iOS?

I’m using a basic USB -> Lightning adapter (designed for cameras, but USB is USB, right?). No matter what I do I can’t get MidiInput::getDevices() to recognize anything. I’m just using a basic USB MIDI device.

My research online suggests I need to include UISupportedExternalAccessoryProtocols in my Info.plist and add ExternalAccessory.framework— I’ve tried that to no avail.

Do I need to get an adapter specifically designed for MIDI? Has anyone else gotten this to work?

Hi. Yes, I use MIDI from iOS using the JUCE MIDI classes. Not had to do anything with the external accessory framework so not sure what your issue is. Have you tried running the JUCE demo and seeing if that works?

Is your USB-MIDI adapter a class-compliant device that doesn’t need any driver on your mac too?

Hi, I’m going straight to some synths from the iPad - not sure what you are referring to by MIDI adapter - the synths are class compliant.

Yep! It’s automatically recognized by Mac/windows as a MIDI device without any extra drivers or anything - I’m actually writing the firmware for the MIDI device myself and the app to go along with it. Just standard USB MIDI.

This is how I’m connecting it to the device:

It’s just powered USB -> Lightning, though it’s sold as a “Camera adapter” I’m pretty sure it’s just regular USB.