iOS: problem requesting access to microphone


I got the message below from Apple iTunes Connect revision. How do I resolve that problem? I just call

RuntimePermissions::request(RuntimePermissions::recordAudio, runtimPermissionsCallback);

(The microphone is used to capture sound from the guitar)

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Message from Apple:
Mar 6, 2018 at 4:54 PM
From Apple
5. 1.1 Legal: Privacy - Data Collection and Storage
Guideline 5.1.1 - Legal - Privacy - Data Collection and Storage

We noticed that your app requests the user’s consent to access their microphone but does not clarify the use of this feature in the permission modal alert.

Please see attached screenshots for details.

Next Steps

To resolve this issue, please revise the permission modal alert to specify why the app is requesting access to the user’s microphone.


To learn more about requesting the user’s permission to access app features, visit the iOS Human Interface Guidelines. You may also want to review the Technical Q&A QA1937: Resolving the Privacy-Sensitive Data App Rejection page for details on how to provide a usage description for permission request alerts.


Have you enabled the microphone access permission in the Projucer’s iOS exporter?

You’ll need to provide a more informative message when you ask for the user’s permission. We’ve recently added the ability to customise this more easily if you build the Projucer from the develop branch of JUCE:

Otherwise you can manually edit your app’s info.plist after you’ve saved your project.

The develop branch sems to have done the trick!


Ah yes! I was encountering similar problem with requesting access to microphone. Got it resolved by allowing the access thanks ed95 :slight_smile:

Arjun Dixit

I have an AUv3 that is only generating sound (clearing input buffer). Is there any way to avoid having to request mic access permission? I tried setting disabled input channels, but that seems to create problems in some DAWs.

Did you do both? Adding to Projucer AND requesting RuntimePermissions, when opening the device?

The AudioRecordingDemo shows how:

In iOS, the user must explicitly grant permission for each app to access cameras and microphones. Before your app can use the capture system for the first time, iOS shows an alert asking the user to grant your app access to the camera, as shown below. iOS remembers the user’s response to this alert, so subsequent uses of the capture system don’t cause it to appear again. The user can change permission settings for your app in Settings > Privacy.
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