iOS signing clarification "development team id"


I was a bit confused by the"development team id" field in the producer. I kept on putting in my"ios developer" 10 character certificate id copying the text from keychain access, and getting an error in xcode since it wasn’t correct. it seems that what it really wants is the id of the “organisational unit” which is the 10 character id associated with “Developer ID Application” in keychain access. this is what gets copied to the clipboard if I do apple C

might be nice to label that more clearly in producer


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or perhaps point to the apple membership page where it is clearly called development team id, as described in the producer

Yes, that sounds reasonable. I’m not even sure if it is the development team id though - at least not for ROLI on macOS. See this thread on the only reliable way I’ve been able to obtain the correct id:

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Thanks, my actual Team ID was altered to a single word made of capital letters and numbers, in case anyone’s unsure of whether it looks correct.