Ipad pro

I bought ipad pro.

Apple pencil and huge deisplay is great!!!!

This is music paper and music pen.


By the way, does Juce 4.1 support apple pencil?


I'm assuming the Apple pencil just appears as a touch with varying pressure (?), in which case yes, JUCE supports it just fine.


Apple made new api for apple pencil from ios9.

I hope not only touch event but also precious loacation or pencil of angle/azimuth etc...

Ah right. Well, that'll involve adding a few new data members to the MouseEvent class, but sounds like a good thing to do (for other platforms too). Will add it to our backlog, thanks!

I would like to know touch is by finger or apple pencil (styrus).


I also make application for surface pro.

If tha same program run at ipad pro/apple pencil & finger and surface pro/surface pen & finger, I am very happy!!!

The MouseEvent::source gives you the MouseInputSource for that event, and that has a flag saying whether it's a touch or mouse. As yet, we don't have a flag for a pen, but may add that in the future.