iPadOS LaunchImage not showing up


I’m trying to add a splash screen to the iPad version of my audio application. I’ve distributed the app to my beta tester through TestFlight and I am the only one that actually see the splash screen. This is extremely strange since we all have downloaded the exact same app from TestFlight (I’m NOT using a local build on my test iPad, I’m using the one from TestFlight).

I use CMake and this is the command I use to create the XCode project:

cmake -Bbuild-ios -GXcode -DCMAKE_SYSTEM_NAME=iOS   

After that, an Xcode project is created in my “build-ios” folder, as expected. This is what I’ve done to add a splash screen:

  • in the Xcode project I’ve created a new storyboard with my custom splash screen image inside
  • I’ve saved that storyboard inside a folder in my repo
  • I’ve added this line in my CMakelist.txt:
LAUNCH_STORYBOARD_FILE "Assets/CustomLaunchScreen.storyboard"

Problem 1:
the storyboard is not automatically added to the project when is created by cmake, so I have to do it manually here:

Problem 2:
Inside the Xcode project I can see the file, but it’s empty:

Problem 3:
If I compile the app, upload to TestFlight and download it on my iPad, the splash screen is there, but if my beta testers (both internal and external) do the same thing, the splash screen is missing.

How can I add a splash screen that everybody can see and also I don’t need to manually select inside Xcode? Thank you.

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Small bump up, I think this could be caused by a bug inside the CMake code that generates the Xcode project.