iOS: storyboard for the launch screen



Hi all,

Is there anyone who uses storyboard for their iOS app’s launch screen? Every time when I save my project in the Projucer, it messes up the storyboard’s fileRef number in /project.pbxproj so the launch screen cannot be shown. Then I have to manually change those fileRef numbers in /project.pbxproj to make the launch screen work.

In the exporter configuration page of Projucer, I have included the storyboard in “Custom Xcode Resource folders”, and added it in the “Custom Plist” as


Have anyone ever worked it out? Thanks.


Search for a post by me from a few days ago, I explained what to do


Thanks for your reply. I believe you meant this post right?

I think I did the same thing as you said. Or do you mean instead of adding LaunchScreen.storyboard in “Custom Xcode Resource folders” under iOS exporter configuration, I should add it under File explorer->Resources ?


add it the same place you add your source code files (add existing file) and set it to be an xcode resource (uncheck compile, uncheck binary resourse)



Thank you very much!