iPhone 7 mic input/phasing issue

One of my users is reporting what looks like phase cancellation issues on an iPhone 7, inaccurate results when detecting pitch even with a tuning fork. It looks like what I saw when, in the early stages of development, I was mixing stereo signals to mono, which resulted in phase issues that interfered with pitch detection. Unfortunately I don’t have an iPhone 7 to test with atm.

It seems that the iPhone 7 has 4 mics (!), so I’m wondering if iOS does some mixing of the signals before passing it on to client apps. Anyone here know about this or have any links to info on the subject?

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Does AudioIODevice::setAudioPreprocessingEnabled (false); help?

Oh, thanks, I should have reported back, it was a silly bug where at some point I was assuming 44.1kHz, and the iPhone 7 is 48kHz, and so the pitch readings were off; only became apparent when I had an iPhone 7 to test with!