Input and output selection on iOS

Is there any way to select input and output on iOS devices? All modern iphones have 3 microphones. Same with output - all iphones also have 2 output - speaker and receiver. On top of selecting particular microphone iOS also allows choosing supported polar pattern on a given microphone.

I tested JuceDemo app and played with ‘getAvailableDeviceTypes’ but it seems only 1 input and 1 output is available (using iphone 5SE, iOS 11.0). Does it mean its not supported by JUCE? Is it on the roadmap?

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You’re correct that this isn’t currently supported by JUCE, and it’s also not on the roadmap. I’ll add it to our backlog but I can’t promise anything!

I would like to put my vote in for adding this as a priority. With music apps becoming very popular on iOS and hardware manufactures making their devices compatible, it would be a good thing.

Any update on this? New iPad pro now has 5 build-in microphones so opens even more possibilities with audio processing.

Is there any ticket or issue I can track to see it this has been implemented?