Input and output selection on iOS


Is there any way to select input and output on iOS devices? All modern iphones have 3 microphones. Same with output - all iphones also have 2 output - speaker and receiver. On top of selecting particular microphone iOS also allows choosing supported polar pattern on a given microphone.

I tested JuceDemo app and played with ‘getAvailableDeviceTypes’ but it seems only 1 input and 1 output is available (using iphone 5SE, iOS 11.0). Does it mean its not supported by JUCE? Is it on the roadmap?


You’re correct that this isn’t currently supported by JUCE, and it’s also not on the roadmap. I’ll add it to our backlog but I can’t promise anything!


I would like to put my vote in for adding this as a priority. With music apps becoming very popular on iOS and hardware manufactures making their devices compatible, it would be a good thing.