Selecting microphone input on iOS


I’ve been struggling with this one for a while. How do I select the microphone input used for my iOS application?

This functionality is available in iOS as described here: Technical Q&A QA1799: AVAudioSession - Microphone Selection

However, I can’t seem to figure out how to achieve this using JUCE as no methods are available. It’s no problem doing this for a macOS application, but iOS always returns “iOS Audio” as the input and output device names (evidently this is a hardcoded string in JUCE).

Hi there, did you find a solution?

I think this would make a good feature request :wink:. I would expect JUCE to offer a method to select the microphone input on iOS, given that it is a framework focused on audio.

I ran into a related problem recently with Bluetooth devices: FR: Disable Bluetooth HFP by default

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I agree!

Unfortunately, no solution yet. I’m sure I can find one though.

If anybody out there knows how to do this, send me a message, I will pay for a quick solution.