Selecting Headset vs Handset mic and Headphone vs Speaker

Hi there

I’m trying to see if there is a way to enable input and output device selections.

Specifically I’d like the user to be able select input from either handset microphone or wired headset if connected. And the equivalent behavior with selecting loudspeaker vs wired headphone.

This is very easy to do with macOS especially with the The AudioDeviceManager tutorial - which clearly shows you the output in the compiled UI. When I run it on the iOS simulator all I get is iOS Audio.

Would be very grateful indeed to have some clues on this.

Best wishes


Some further info. I tried pushing the test app to my iPhone to examine actual behaviour. It seems that the audio device remains as “iOS Audio”, but the channel options (int/ext/Bluetooth etc) available are controlled by whether a headset/headphones are plugged in or not.

This is unfortunate as what id like to do is playback through headphones but record via the built-in handset microphone.

Has anyone managed that before?

On further investigation this seems to be a hardware device limitation. Happy for someone to prove otherwise, but for now I’m going to stop pursuing it.