iPhone virtual keyboard

I tried running the demo app on the iPhone and it worked fine, but when clicking a text edit box the iPhone virtual keyboard didn’t pop up so it was impossible to enter text!

How do we make the virtual keyboard pop up? And should this be automatically included in the textbox classes? (and other classes that require text input?)

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It’s not something I’ve thought about yet - any thoughts or opinions on the best approach are welcome!

The code I sent you a couple months ago is a start :wink:

(NSTextInput protocol for mac and iPhone)

[quote=“justin”]The code I sent you a couple months ago is a start :wink:

(NSTextInput protocol for mac and iPhone)[/quote]

Yes, I’ve still got that in a folder on my desktop, waiting for a good time to go through it!

I’ll ponder it over a bit… The virtual keyboard thing and the current lack of multitouch input are the only things (that I can think of atm) that are stopping Juce being a brilliant lib for iPhone development. I was concerned when the JuceDemo didn’t show the openGL demo, but discovered it’s only because the JuceDemo openGL demo is #ifdefed out because it isn’t GL ES compatible, but in fact you can create a juce GL component on iPhone no problem (didn’t test it properly though).

I’ve got a couple of juce apps I’d love to port to iPad, so if I come up with any patches for the multitouch or virtual keyboard I’ll throw them your way Jules -

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