Virtual Keyboard not working properly on iOS

The virtual keyboard is not correctly displayed on iOS. This error also occurs in the demo runner.

Attached is a screenshot. The demo Runner was compiled for iPad Pro.

As you can see, the keyboard remains in the lower part of the display, and nothing happens if you try to write something.

Regards.Bildschirmfoto 2020-04-27 um 18.29.10

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Is this on a real device or in the simulator? It looks like the keyboard has been hidden via cmd+k in the simulator, or by tapping the hide button in the bottom-right corner. Does the keyboard ever show correctly or does it always look like this?

Yes, you are right, many thanks for your reply.
I have another problem. Currently it’s not possible to get the screen coordinates of the virtual keyboard.
The attached picture is from the demo runner. As you can see, the keyboard hides the text entry area from the user.

As suggested here

it would be a useful function to know the keyboard position on the screen to get the component in the right place.