Irregularities(bug?) in building/updating projects

Hi everyone,
I’m new to Juce and unfortunately I’m experiencing issues in testing out the basic Hello World audio plugin.

My setup:
OS: OSX Big Sur version 11.4
IDE: Xcode 12.5
Juce ( not sure were to find the version number should be the latest, downloaded it from the Juce website last week)

When I’m building my audio plugin project in Xcode for the first time and testing it via the AudioPuginHost everything works fine.

Note: As a do have a lot of audio plugins on my computer I scan the plugin directly from my project file. This way it doesn’t have to rescan my whole library:

The issues that I have are the following:
When I change the “Hello World” tekst and rebuild it:
=> When I look at the files in “PluginName”/Builds/MacOSX/build/Debug
I see in the “date modified” column in finder that PluginName.a is updated to the last build.
However PluginName (standalone) PluginName.component and PluginName.vst are unchanged.

If I remove these files and rebuild them, finder shows me the most recent versions. For one reason or another Xcode doesn’t want to update unless I remove them first.

My question is: Why is this ?

The second issue that I have is that the AudioPuginHost doesn’t want to update to my last plugin version. Even if I remove the plugins from the project build folder and rebuild them in Xcode.
And I do rescan the “PluginName”/Builds/MacOSX/build/Debug folder with AudioPluginHost each time I made an updated.

It is like AudioPuginHost Is cashing my first build.
Only when I rebuild AudioPuginHost + rescan my plugins folder, it shows me the last version.
I have the same experience in Ableton. Only when I restart Ableton + rescan it is sowing me the last version. Rescanning the plugin folder alone doesn’t update the plugin. In the past I never had any issues in updating plugins in ableton via rescanning.

I really hope someone knows what is going on. I already put many hours in this :s.
Is it mee or is this a bug ? I also tried out the first tutorials via the Juce website because I thought I was missing out on something…


What are you rebuilding? It sounds like you might only be rebuilding the shared code target. To update the VST/AU files, you must build those targets (or the ‘All’ target).

I think you need to quit and reopen the plugin host each time. Rebuilding it should not be necessary.

Do you have Enable Plugin Copy Step (in Projucer → Exporters → Xcode → Debug) set to Enabled? (that is the default setting) If so, the plug-in files in your Build folder ([PluginName]/Builds/MacOSX/build/Debug/) will actually be aliases. And they are only created once, so that is why you aren’t seeing their “date modified” change in the Finder.