Is building RTAS plugins on Windows really broken since April 2017?

On one hand, in commit 1820b41e772d31b09132260cf65f4b466c0bd057 (April 2017, right before version 5.0.0), @jules changed how the proxy module files (which are generated by Projucer under JuceLibraryCode/) are named by appending include_ to their name.

On the other hand, Projucer sets the MSVS “Calling Convention” property to “StdCall”, when a file to compile starts with juce_audio_plugin_client_RTAS_.

With the change introduced in commit 1820b41e772d31b09132260cf65f4b466c0bd057, Projucer doesn’t set this property anymore on the concerned files.

Now there are two possibilities:

  1. Building RTAS plugins on Windows is indeed broken because the “Calling Convention” property must be set to “StdCall” on the files starting with include_juce_audio_plugin_client_RTAS_.

  2. Building RTAS plugins on WIndows is actually not broken because it is not necessary to set the “Calling Convention” property to “StdCall” on any file.

In case 1, how come nobody reported this? Has nobody tried to build a RTAS plugin with JUCE 5 on Windows? Or was it reported but not fixed?

In case 2, could somebody from the JUCE team (@ed95, @fabian, @jules, @t0m) cleanup this code to avoid any confusion? Thanks!

I’ve pushed a fix for this that should be on develop shortly. However, I think the fact that this wasn’t reported for so long is indicative of how many people are building RTAS plugins…


@ed95 thanks for the quick fix.