Is it possible to add new DSP into my visualizer?

Hello community,
recently I was working on Siri-like visualizer and I was wondering -
is it possible to add visualization for current audio output using new DSP module?
You can see my project here:
Also what do you think about it? I am just starting out, so every advice is welcome and much appreciated :slight_smile:

It’s definitely possible, I have no idea how it actually works but I’m almost positive the visualization is a single FFT split into equal-size bands and overlaid on each other with separate colors, the FFT data passed through a lowpass filter to smooth out the movement (either that or it’s being interpolated with a low sampling frequency), and finally rendered out as a smooth spline path.

Luckily, all of the above can be done very easily with JUCE. The FFT part is trivial with the new DSP module, the hard part is drawing it (which still isn’t that hard).

thank you for answering me, very helpful tips - will definitelty keep them in mind. :slight_smile: